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Just Get a Real Job

with Jamie Mackinlay

Join script editor, podcaster and creative Jamie Mackinlay as he speaks with creatives from across the UK arts and creative industries about their earliest influences, passions and worst part-time jobs.


The podcast celebrates creative talent and innovation while honestly detailing the struggles, triumphs and non-linear paths people take to do what they love. Just Get A Real Job is filled with fun stories, industry insights and career advice for early-stage and established creatives.

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Two people are sitting in a garden facing each other. They each have microphones.

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What our listeners say


Found this podcast on social media and have listened to it ever since, the team is passionate about what they're doing which makes each episode easy listening.

I found this podcast just when I needed it, I was looking for my break and needed some inspiration. I fell down the back catalogue and I've never looked back. Thanks for what you do!


Jamie is exactly what you'd want in an interviewer. Laid back and friendly. Not only do I appreciate the core message of the podcast, I love the relaxed way it's relayed.

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